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Marta Torres Gallery | Carlos Sansegundo
Marta Torres Gallery. Galería Marta Torres. Ibiza.
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Carlos Sansegundo

Carlos Sansegundo was a sculptor and also an international painter.
1930, Santander and 2010, Mallorca.


An artist who took part in many individual expositions and collectives organised in Marta Torres Gallery. The Gallery has a background very interesant and with works of art of Sansegundo of different artistic periods.


This artist was formed in England, in the workshop of Henry Moore, later on, in 1945 he travelled to Paris and after five years he presernted an exposition with Henry Moore, Max Ernst and Picasso. After that he moved to Ibiza, and he started to form part of the `Ibiza 59 Group´. Afterwards, in 1964 he exposed in the New York Fair of Art in the Spanish pavilion , city where he lived in for ten years.


He exposes in Galleries A M Sachs Gallery of New York or Bonino Gallery, in between others. He treated with the best pop artist on that moment, Robert Rauschenberg and Andy Warhol, this last one was his wedding godfather in his marriage with Ruth Kliigman, who was married with Pollock. He met and shared artistic moments with Rotko, Pollock, De Kooning, David Walsh and many more.
Manolo Valdés, Rafael Solbes, Mompó and great spanish artists.


He travels regularly to New York where he works his sculptures ordering to the Hamptons, but he always comes back to Ibiza. He exposes in Marta´s Torres Gallery, whom he colaborates and keeps a very good friendship.


His works of art passes by different ages, which they have the stamp and personality.