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Marta Torres Gallery | The Gallery
Marta Torres Gallery. Galería Marta Torres. Ibiza.
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The Gallery

The Marta Torres Art Gallery first opened in July 1994. First was located in the old town of lbiza, a privileged place, which has filled with inspiration many artists around the world.


By this space have spent countless national and international renowned artists, such as Carlos Sansegundo, Vicente Ferrer-Guasch, Maria Rios-Coello, Sunset, Marcel Schellekens, Sergio Saez, André Juvenelle, Willie Márquez and Marta Torres. Other artists, already consecrated, that are part of our gallery’s background, such as Joan Miró, Manuel Viola, Elmyr de Hory, Miguel Barceló, etc.


At the moment it is located in the Port of Ibiza, at the Diputado José Ribas street number 2, Ibiza.


The gallery presents exhibitions every year along with other emerging artists of universal renown.


It is also interesting, the participation of the gallery in exhibitions and international fairs.