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The term minimalism is also used to describe a trend in design and architecture where in the subject is reduced to its necessary.
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Marta Torres Gallery | Marta Torres
Marta Torres Gallery. Galería Marta Torres. Ibiza.
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Marta Torres

Marta Torres is a painter from Ibiza graduated in Bellas Artes for the University of Barcelona with the specialty of Painting in 1990. From 1991 to 1993 she served as a Curator at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Ibiza. In 1994 decides to open her own gallery that bears her name. Since then she has not stopped working in both areas.


Since 2013 she has a strong bond with Paris and already has several exhibitions in which striking her personal style. She defines it as a merger of Painting and Sculpture in the amount of materials used. Among its highlights themes include windows, some of them ancient, that can be opened literally and see the sea. Nor can we ignore the walls with all kinds of materials, pipes, cables, stones, faucets, etc. which rescues in a recycling mode.



2020 Mural: “Capricho en Rosa número 5” en Capricho Santa Eulalia Ibiza
2019 Premio Onda Cero Ibiza y Formentera: “Mejor Artista 2019” Ibiza
2019 “Bugambilias” Sa Punta- Patchwork Ibiza
2019 Inauguración Hotel el Puerto Ibiza
2018 D-Gallerie San Peterborough Florida, EEUU
2017 Clinica privada El Roser Mural 185 x 6 m. – Ibiza
2016 Pall Mall Gallery London
2016 Space In Arts (SIA) New York
2015 Art Laren Holanda
2015 Art Breda Holanda
2015 Art Mónaco Montecarlo
2015 ABN AMRO world Rotterdam
2015 Art FAIR Rotterdam Rotterdam, Holanda
2014 Le Pigeon Voyageur Ibiza
2014 Art EN CAPITAL, Grand Palais París
2014 Can LLuc Hotel Ibiza
2014 Only You Hotel Madrid
2014 Galerie de Medicis París
2014 Galerie Modus colectiva París
2013 Galerie de Medicis colectiva París
2013 Galerie Modus colectiva París
2013 Galerie Daniel Besseiche Courchèvel, Francia
2013 Galerie Daniel Besseiche Saint-Tropez, Francia
2013 Galerie Charlotte Norberg París
2013 Atzaró Hotel Ibiza
2012 S´Alamera Ibiza
2011 Galería Marta Torres Ibiza
2010 Hotel Torre del Mar Ibiza
1998 – 2009 Galeria Marta Torres Ibiza
1997 Hotel Torre del Mar Ibiza
1997 Galería Alhadros Ibiza
1996 Art Expo Barcelona
1995 Galería Marta Torres Ibiza
1994 Galería Alhadros Ibiza
1994 Galería van der Voort Ibiza
1994 Inauguración Galería Marta Torres Ibiza
1993 Sa NOSTRA Ibiza
1993 Galería Miele Barcelona
1992 Confluencias Zaragoza
1992 Exposición Universal Sevilla
1991 Ansorena Madrid
1991 La Caixa Ibiza